Pudge and Jill pampered puppy

Pudge, my pampered puppy, n I are enjoying the backyard – it’s the dog days of summer as I write this…

So, yes, one of my two dogs is named Pudge. He was just a puppy when we got him – I let the kids name him. Right after they convinced me we needed more dogs. At the time we lived on a farm and had four other dogs. If you live on a farm and have four dogs one more isn’t going to matter that much. Sadly, the other four have since passed on.

We found Pudge at the country fair back in 2012 – his birth family was trying to find homes for him and his siblings. He is part border collie and part Pomeranian.

Katie – the can’t walker hound, okay so really she is a blue tick/walker mix, but insanely difficult to walk on a leash, is my other pup. She was a gift from one of my sons. Originally she was going to be his hunting hound, but she is deathly afraid of loud noises – so well, yeah, not much of a hunting hound. Her parents though, they are lion hunters!

Grand Puppies

I’m also Nana to three other dogs. A huskie named Hades (though he is a big sweetie, and a rescue dog). A malamute named Kronk – and yes, he lives up to his name. And a puppy who was supposed to be corgi, but really looks like a smaller lab, named Otis. You will certainly find pictures of them in the mix around here too.

about katie my pampered puppy
Katie as a puppy

Puppies have been a large part of my life for most of it. I do pamper my puppies. You know like they sleep ON my bed, I buy them the best food, they have a large yard and pretty much have it all.

About Me

Over the years I’ve had many dogs and learned a thing or two about training them and buying them the best products. My goal here is to share with you the solutions to common puppy and dog problems I have found, and to review products I have tried and love.

Of course there will be lots of puppy pictures. We love to camp so there will be information about camping with dogs around here, too.

If you have questions or are looking for information about something specific as it pertains to dogs and raising pampered puppies, please feel free to shoot me a message through the Contact Us page.