Why consider Using A Designer Pet Purse

This is a very polarizing topic come to find out. Some people are wholly against the concept of putting your small dog in a designer pet purse! This does make is easier than having to carry the puppy in your arms.

On the pro side of using a designer pet purse:

  • They make porting your puppy easy.
  • They allow you to take your small dog into stores that might otherwise have a problem with pets
  • Small dogs have short legs and might not be able to keep up in areas where there is a lot of traffic
  • It is safer for your small dog if you are in a crowded place

On the con side of using a small pet carrier purse:

  • Some people think it is cruel to contain your dog in one
  • If you don't pick a quality designer pet purse you stand the chance of injuring your dog

How to pick the Best Designer Pet Purse for your Dog

Read the reviews of the type of designer pet purse you are considering purchasing. Not all small dog purses are created equal. Some of the more high end designer pet purse carriers have weighted bottoms make them less likely to tip over when set on the ground in, say, your vehicle. These type of carriers often weigh a bit more. If you are planning to be walking and carrying the dog purse with your dog in it, be aware that it will "get heavy" faster than a lighter dog purse might.

Some designer pet purses come with covers so that your dog can be totally concealed. Others are open. Open designer pet purse can present a problem if your dog decides to jump out while you are carrying him. For safety's sake you should always make sure to have a harness on the dog. Also have the harness connected to the purse to prevent any accidents of this nature.

Picking an Airline Approved Dog Carrier

Airlines are cracking down on what they will and won't allow as far as airline approved dog carriers goes. While at one time pretty much any type of dog purse would satisfy the airlines today there are only a handful of dog carriers that meet their criteria. Make sure your carrier qualifies so that your dog can travel in the passenger section of the airplane.


All airlines have different specific requirements that must be met. You should check with your airline well before departure to verify that all of their requirements necessary to travel with your dog in the cabin have been met.

Generally speaking most airlines will allow a passenger to carry on one dog or cat in an approved carrier that will fit under your seat. Also they meet the basic carry on baggage parameters. And the flight needs to be no longer than six hours. You and your pet could be disqualified from flying on a particular flight if your pet is loud or presents unpleasant odors.

Your pet will be required to stay in the small pet carrier for the entire flight. A puppy pad lining the carrier might be a good idea. Carry a spare or two, accidents happen when traveling. Having the right supplies on hand can make a real difference in the quality of experience traveling with your dog.

One of the most popular airline approved carriers.

Here are the minimum requirements for an airline approved designer pet purse:

  • Make sure the bottom of the carrier is waterproof
  • Adequate ventilation must be considered
  • The carrier must be able to be fastened securely so that your pet stays in the carrier - zippers are the best
  • Fitting under the seat in front of you is a requiement
  • The carrier must accommodate your dog so as to allow for him to stand up and turn around.

Your dog must not weigh more than 15 pounds or be longer than 19 inches, generally dogs larger than these dimensions won't fit into an airline approved dog carrier and will need to fly in the cargo compartment.

Most airlines will have the requirements posted on their website for traveling with pets. If you have questions about how much space there will be in the area under the seat, the airline should be able to tell you based on your flight, route and which type of equipment they will be using for the flight.

Why It Is Not a Good Idea To Buy A Cheap Designer Pet Purse:

When you are traveling with your small dog you do not want to have to worry about a strap breaking or the carrier falling apart. Whether you are traveling on an airplane or simply transporting your puppy around town, a quality small dog purse is a good investment in your peace of mind as well as the safety of your special pampered puppy.

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