How to Decide Do Dogs Need Sweaters

There are several factors you need to consider when deciding whether you have dogs that need sweaters. You need to first look at the type of breed you have and where you live. Many larger breeds like Huskies, Saint Bernards and even German Sheperds (to name a few) have heavy coats in the winter and lighter coats in the summer. They are designed to live in very cold climates.

Adding dog sweaters to large dogs like these might present health problems. However if these dogs live indoors primarily, and are in very cold climates they might not have grown as thick of an overcoat as they would have if they lived outdoors for the most part. So dog sweaters for these large dogs might be in order.



Another factor in determining whether you have dogs that need sweaters would be the age of the dog. Older dogs who have lived lives indoors (for the most part) tend to need more warmth that can be provided by the addition of a large dog sweater when they go out for walks.

Old dogs, not unlike, old people, have to endure achy joints too. Cold tends to aggravate arthritis in dogs just like in people. Also older dogs tend to not have such thick coats any longer. The addition of pet sweaters for dogs will help keep them comfortable when they go outside.

Small dogs tend to be more susceptible to weather changes than large dogs. And small dogs without much fur need the added protection of a sweater for small dogs, especially when they go out.

How to decide which Pet Sweaters For Dogs Is Right For Your Dog?

Dogs sweaters tend to come in two varieties - there are the pullover selections and then there are the strap on ones. Both varieties come in various sizes from the very small for teacup and miniature dog breeds all the way up to extra large for the biggest breeds out there.

In order to determine which sweater will fit the best it is necessary for the dog owner to measure their pet accurately. There are three places you will need to measure on your dog to find the best fitting sweater.

You need to measure the torso, the neck and the chest. To measure the torso of your dog, place the measuring tape at the base of the dogs neck and run it to the base of his tail. For the neck, run the tape around his neck loosely and add an inch, record that number. To accurately measure the circumference of the chest, wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of the dogs chest, which is usually just behind its forelegs.

Armed with this information you can use this chart to determine which size dog sweater is likely to fit your pet. If your dog is in between sizes go up to the next size up.

Here is a measurement chart to help you determine which size will best match your pooch's dimensions

You will also need to make sure that the sweater you decided on is lose enough to ensure comfort, not too long or not irritating to your dog. Make sure that the sweater does not rest on the dogs tail as it can cause chaffing when the dog moves its tail around.Though initially your dog may need to take some time to get used to their new clothes, they should adjust to wearing this added protection quickly. Be sure to pay attention to your dogs gait and manner as they will give you clues as to their comfort.

You might have to try several sweaters before you find one brand that provides the protection you want for your dog and allows your dog mobility while dressed.

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Why Get Pet Sweaters For Dogs?

Even though sometimes a dog might have difficulty getting used to wearing a pet sweater designed for dogs, getting them to adjust to wearing clothing helps in several ways. While wearing a sweater all day might not be the best option for your dog, having a dog sweater for walk in the winter can make for much more pleasant outings and even allow you to stay out longer for exercise.

Just as sweaters and coats provide warmth, a raincoat also provides protection against inclement weather keeping your dog dry and warm. A dog sweater or tshirt can help provide protection for dogs who have sensitive skin, or even exposed skin. Veterinarians will sometimes prescribe clothing for dogs with medical issues.

You can even find pet sweaters for dogs that are tailored for the holidays. Owners sometimes like to reserve dressing up their puppies for special occasions.

How are Dog Sweaters Designed?

Dog sweaters are much differently designed than people sweaters because dogs are shaped differently than people.It is hard to pull a piece of tight clothing over the head of a dog so most dog sweaters are made with loose or very stretchy material making the "putting on" of the sweater much easier.Those sweaters that do pull on are often created with larger neck openings so they don't hinder the dogs movement or choke them.

The other design is a sweater that straps onto the dog. Pullover sweaters are usually made from cotton or polyester yarn in a tube shape with a neck and two leg holes. The strap version of a dog sweater is usually created from a wide rectangular piece of material, either knitted or fabric, that has a strap that connects around the chest of the dog in front of his forelegs and forms a bit of a collar look and is held in place with buttons, snaps or perhaps Velcro.