Dog Furniture Beds

Dog Furniture Beds, More Than Just A Pillow On The Ground.

With more and more dogs being indoor pampered puppies, the need for finding a contemporary dog bed that meets the needs of large or small dog breeds is becoming increasingly important. Sure you can let your dog sleep on the bed with you or on your living room couch but that will lead to problems in the long run.  It is better to find a comfy couch pet bed for your puppy to sleep on in the beginning.

dog furniture bedsWhy Get Your Dog a Bed Of His Own?

A quality pet bed for dogs insulates your dog from the floor. Floors tend to be hot in the summer, cold in the winter and hard on the bones of dog whether you have carpeting or not.

A dog bed provides your dog with security and confidence knowing that this is his place.

An orthopedic bed cushions older, arthritic and heavy dogs providing support for joints and bones.

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Having a dog bed for your dogs helps make cleaning easier. If your dog has one place that is his, it keeps the dog hair and dander concentrated to one area. Some beds offer easy to clean covers. You should consider getting two covers for the dog bed you choose that way while one is being cleaned the other can be on the bed.

A personal dog bed could even prevent your dog from being injured while jumping on and off of family furniture.

Luxury Large Dog Beds

When looking for luxury large dog beds you have several varieties of bed to choose from. A comfy couch pet bed that matches the decor of your bedroom or living room. Depending on where you wish to have your pup sleep this might be a good choice. Puppies, like babies, need to have a secure space to sleep while they are still young. As they gro into adulthood they will need more space. If you are purchasing your first dog bed for a puppy you should consider how big will this youngster get in a few short bed furniture

There are also raised dog beds and cushion style dog beds to choose from. When it comes to raised dog beds they come in several variety too. Some are designed to look like normal furniture that people might  use while others are designed more the out door setting.

Raised Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Raised dog beds for large dogs keep your pet off the floor, are usually designed with comfort in mind. So these will provide enough cushioning to encourage your puppy to seek out that piece of furniture rather than your “people” couch. Some raised dog beds are even washable and some are designed for outdoor use.

The Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Bed

Snoozer cozy CaveLove these snugly Cozy Cave dog beds as do almost all of the people that have ever written Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Bed Reviews! Dogs love to scrunch down into the soft Sherpa fleece. These are specifically designed to keep Fido warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The covers are made of a strong cotton polyester fabric, that stands up well to dog nails, with heavy duty brass zippers to facilitate easy removal for machine washing and drying. The padding is a good quality batting that is thick and isn’t given to bunching up.

The Luxury Orthopedic Cozy Cave is designed with a thick orthopedic pad in addition to the batting  to provide additional support for older and larger dogs that need a soft sturdy secure place to sleep. They also sport a micro suede fabric that comes in a large selection of color choices.

Why Spend The Money on High End Dog Beds?

Dogs, unlike people spend a significant amount of time sleeping. They like to have a secure place to doze where they don’t have to be concerned with “protecting” anyone or getting attacked by another dog or child. Dogs like to have a space that is their own. If you let your dog get in the habit of sleeping on  your bed while they are puppies don’t be surprised when they are grown if you can’t get them to sleep anywhere else.

Most well cared for dogs can live a relatively long time. Spending the money on a high end dog bed in the beginning will save you money in the long run. It is better to Buy one quality pet bed rather than keep shelling out dough for cheap dog beds that get destroyed quickly over those years.



Jill is a dedicated pampered puppy lover! Having had dogs her whole life she appreciates what great companions they are. She believes that dogs are proof there is a God and He loves us.

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