Dog Play Pen – Are They a Good Idea?

People think nothing of penning up their toddlers for safety and play, well why not use dog play pens indoor designs to keep your puppy safe as well? There are several puppy play pen options for safely containing your baby while still allowing him (or her) to explore in a safe and controlled environment.

Zampa Pet Puppy Dog Play Pen

The Zampa Pet Puppy Dog Play Pen is very highly rated. It is constructed with waterproof material, is well ventilated and fully contained. The Zampa Pet Carrier is easy to set up and folds up to the size of a brief case for convenient storage or travel. It features two doors and can double as a kennel by putting a blanket over the top to give the illusion of a den. Dogs love dens.

dog play pen

This is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor containment and works equally well for cats as well as dogs. Though unless your dogs and cats are very friendly toward each other, probably not the best idea to put them both in the same play pen. Which reminds me of a story about my puppy, Jean Luc. Luc was a bichon Frise. We adopted him at the same time we adopted our cat, Max. The two loved each other. When we had to confine them, we would put them in the bathroom of our apartment, it was really the safest place for them to be. This worked pretty well until the day Max decided she could climb the shower curtain. I think she was trying to teach Luc how to climb it too. What a disaster LOL. So, wish we had a Zampa Pet Puppy Dog Play Pen for them then.

Pawhut Deluxe Folding Play Pen

Pawhut deluxe folding play pens are another well reviewed portable puppy play pen. Several questions regarding the Pawhut play pen including wonder if it was easy to fold up and transport.
Monica Martin had this to say about it:

This comes folded flat in a canvas type carrying case. You simply unzip the top and bottom from the playpen and it flips inside out on 1 side, so that it looks like only 3 panels. Then the 3 panels fold in on themselves. Very very easy. I have a potbellied pig and this is really holding up. I use it in the house, but I also use it when we travel. This folds flat to about 2 inches thick. It easily fits behind the seat of my truck. Cleanup is great, too. Love this playpen and it was worth every penny i paid. I have had this product for about 5 months. The canvas really holds up to the piggy hooves and the windows are much more durable than the appear

I am pretty sure bot bellied pigs are significantly more destructive than your puppy dog could ever be! The Pawhut is light weight, 29 inches high and features a canvas bottom that is easy to hose off. It folds up making it portable and convenient for indoor, outdoor and traveling with your pet.


If you are looking for something more traditional for indoor/outdoor use OFIKA offers a play pen that offers 30 square feet of playroom area for your puppy. It folds up flat for easy storage. This particular dog playpen can double as a rabbit habitat. We use our old one for just that purpose. (Indoor use only for rabbits)

Dogs feel safest when they are in enclosed environments especially when they are young. These puppy play pens offer you, the parent, the ability to leave your youngest alone without having to either confine them to a crate which is usually smaller and doesn’t offer room for your rambunctious baby to move around and play or leave them locked up in a bathroom. From my experience above, the bathroom option is not a very good one.

All three of these options are highly rated, inexpensive and offer free shipping. Pamper your puppy with one of these lightweight portable puppy play pens today.

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