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Helios Freestyle 3-in-1 Explorer Convertible Backpack, Harness And Leash

Helios Freestyle 3-in-1 Explorer Convertible Backpack, Harness And Leash
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The helios dog freestyle 3-in-1 explorer convertible backpack, harness and leash is a backpack that doubles as a chest compression harness with an included leash.This only-of-its-kind 3-in-1 backpack, harness and leash features a backpack with a chest compressive harness that completely ejects from the backpack that enables the user to remove the backpack as the user wishes.The backpack features a special dupont outershell that is entirely waterproof including the zippers.The outershell of the backpack further features reflective-tubed lining all around with added reflective memorized stitching along the dupont nylon outershell for premium protection during those night strolls.The harness portion features both a neoprene and waterproof dupont outershell with a breathable and visible cross-stitched inner mesh outer and inner lining for optimum comfort.The chest compression harness is also fully adjustable and places little-to-no stress at the sternum area of the pets body for a comfortable pull.Comes with a matching accented nylon leash with a stainless steel swivel hook.Features rubberized stitching and embroidery at the leash, backpack and harness.Get outdoors with helios dog! available in multiple sizes and colors.Sizing guide (inches): backpack/harness: small: back: 7.48, chest: 17.7 - 22.8, neck: 15.7 - 18.8 medium: back: 8.26, chest: 21.6 - 27.5, neck: 19.7 - 24.4 large: back: 9.1, chest: 24.4 - 33.8, neck: 26.7 - 34.4 leash dimensions: small: length 4 feet, thickness: 0.27 in medium: length 4 feet, thickness: 0.35 in large: length 4 feet, thickness: 0.51 in

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