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Helios Trail-barker Multi-surface Travel Dog Bed Featuring Blackshark Technology

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Helios Trail-barker Multi-surface Travel Dog Bed Featuring Blackshark Technology
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The helios trail-barker outdoor travel dog bed is composed of a pu coated polyester-cotton and nylon fabric.The pu coating has repelling properties similar to a lotus leaf.The inner-lining contains a lightweight quilted film that features blackshark technology that is impermeable, waterproof, windproof and breathable.Perfect for the outdoors.Additionally this dog bed has perimeter zippers that zip open to double the surface area.Furthermore these specialized zippers amazingly connect to additional pet beds of this style for an even larger surface area.Features a nylon handle-bar on the top and can be rolled up.Perfect for travel.Get outdoors with helios dog! available in multiple colors.Sizing measurements (inches) l x w x h: 39.4 x 25.7 x4

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