how to keep your dog from pulling on a leash

How To Keep Your Dog From Lunging At Cars And Pulling On The Leash

Okay, so let’s look at how to keep your dog from lunging at cars and pulling on the leash. Why would we be doing that you may ask? Well because Katie is the worst at pulling on the leash and then trying to chase cars. When she was young, and not so fat, she would escape from the yard, hide in a culvert by our house and jump out at unsuspecting cars traveling down our road! It was horrifying.

We put up a six foot fence around the yard so that put an end to her escaping. But since moving to town, where we also have good fencing, we have been more inclined to walk her. And she does need to be walked as she is very plump – well fat. As is Pudge who has grown into his name.

Investing How To Keep Your Dog From Lunging At Cars

Since the “dog lunging at cars” aspect is the most important struggle we felt needed addressing, we did what everyone does – consulted YouTube!

Zak is very treats intensive in his approach to training. And in other videos, that I’ll post below, he talks about wearing your dog out before walking them. I thought I’d try that with Katie in the backyard. She isn’t interested in toys, at all, and she would only run around for a minute before deciding she was bored and needed a nap.

A lot of what Zak says in this video was helpful, though. Applying the distraction method with reward might be helpful. Because our dogs are so fat, we got some chicken treats that we plan to cut up in VERY small pieces. Hopefully, this won’t add to their girth, while trying to keep them from lunging at cars.

I also think I’m part of the problem in that instead of training on these walks, I’m more of a getter done type personality. So I just want to get the walk over.

How To Keep Katie From Pulling On the Leash

The other struggle we have with Katie is that she pulls on the leash. At pushing 90 pounds that’s a lot of weight moving forward. I can’t walk her by myself without putting a choke collar on her with a harness. Which looks pretty silly going down the street, let me tell you. However, I’m in my 60’s and can’t afford to have her knock me down and break something. Fortunately my husband is strong enough to handle her. But we do want to be able to walk her on a leash without her lunging at cars and having a loose leash experience.

Be sure to save this pin to your dog training board for future reference

Back to YouTube To Learn How To Keep Katie From Pulling The Leash

Mainly I think the goal is to keep your dog’s attention. And to distract your dog by changing direction. Perhaps it is all about stimulating their mind. As I was saying before Zak does talk about getting your dogs energy out before taking them for a walk, that sounds counter productive to me. I always thought the walk was to get their energy out. All this time I had it wrong?

Our Strategy For Walking Katie to Keep Her from Lunging at Cars

Our strategy for walking Katie is going to be to take a pocket full of very small treats to distract her from lunging at cars. Also we will go in different directions when she starts pulling on the leash. Or maybe call her back. Keeping Katie safe on our walks and being able to get her some exercise are our top priorities right now. We do have a good harness for her and a retractable leash. We shall see what happens. And whether you can really teach an old dog new tricks.

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