Teach your dog to sit and stay

How To Train Your Puppy To Sit And Stay Effectively

Let’s learn how to train your puppy to sit and stay effectively. Following Zak’s training session with Hazel the very adorable Labadoodle we will discover some important tips. Sit & stay commands formulate the foundation for any dog training. And teaching your pup these simple commands even in distracting situations will help you overcome bigger challenges. After the video we will chat about the important points he covers.

Supplies To Train Your Puppy to Sit and Stay

Video how to teach your dog to sit and stay even while being distracted
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  1. Bring your dog into a room or space where you can have their full attention
  2. Have a handful of VERY small treats. Cut up one treat into 5 or 10 small bits.
  3. Using one treat, guide the puppy into a sit – do this several times until he gets the idea
  4. Start reinforcing the behavior by telling him to sit and then giving him the treat
  5. Once they get the sit part down, start giving treats after longer sit times
  6. Then move into dropping the treat a little ways away and then rewarding them.
  7. Finally drop a couple treats and then reward him for staying until the treat is delivered.


Training a puppy starts with the basics. Zak discusses in other videos the idea of wearing your dog out a bit before a training session. And explains that a hyperactive dog is usually the sign of an intelligent puppy. Letting them get the “wiggles” out before trying to give them directions tends to generate better results with the training session. You will notice in the video that Zak starts with having Hazel chase a flower around a bit. With puppies it doesn’t take much to wear them down. But the worn done part also doesn’t last that long, LOL.

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