how to trim your dogs nails safely

How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails Safely – Black or Clear Techniques

Let’s look at how to trim you dog’s nails safely. My dogs have different colored nails, so knowing how to trim both black nails and clear nails is important to me. Covering both types should help you too. Over the years I’ve had many dogs and trimming nails has always been an issue for me. Usually, I would simply send them to the groomer. Now though it requires a lot more effort to get the dogs groomed so I’m learning to do it myself. My dogs are older and like to lay around a lot so they don’t get much action on their nails. Though I do have clippers and have been working on trimming those nails, I have a nail grinder on order that I’m interested to see how effective that method is.

Let's look at how to trim your dog's nails safely whether they are black or clear. We will go over the techniques and tools here.
As you can see Katie is in desperate need of nail trimming

DIY – How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails Yourself

Going slowly is the key takeaway here. With my dogs I’m doing a little every couple days. While the woman doing the nail trimming is obviously a professional, I believe that sharp clippers and a firm hand makes for a successful experience. For many years I kept goats. They too need their nails trimmed. Maybe it’s because they only have one row of teeth (on the bottom) that makes them less worrisome to work on.

Basic Steps to Trimming Dog Nails

  • Get you dog in a comfortable place – maybe consider a lead attached to something.
  • Get your equipment together – clippers, eyeglasses (for those of us who need readers) cornstarch or styptic powder, treats
  • Gently push back the hair on around the nails
  • Clip taking small amounts off at a time
  • Be sure to reassure your pet with a calm voice (and maybe treats?)
  • Don’t be afraid to do one paw a day

The Clippers I Prefer

Styptic Powder for Over Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

how to trim your dog's nails safely use this styptic powder for bleeding
Find this brand of styptic powder on Amazon to stop any bleeding

About Dog Nail Trimmers

My preference for dog nail trimmers leans towards those with the guard so as to minimize the chance of cutting WAY too much off the nail. And as I alluded to earlier, I’ve got a nail grinder on order. As Katie, Pudge and I get acquainted with it I’ll let you know what we think.

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