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Pet Life Roomeo Folding Collapsible Airline Approved Pet Dog Carrier Crate

Pet Life Roomeo Folding Collapsible Airline Approved Pet Dog Carrier Crate
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The pet life roomeo folding collapsible airline approved pet carrier and crate is composed of heavy-duty ballistic nylon and mesh with bendable yet sturdy built-in flexible extenders that velcro into place and hold up the 2 outer mesh expandable sides.Fully expands on both sides and doubles as a larger house or crate.Perfect for multiple pets.This pet carrier is further airline approved and the perfect all-in-one travel pet carrier that does it all.Lightweight and great for traveling and perfect for indoor or outdoor usages.Features a spacious frontal breathable mesh entrance that rolls up and velcro's into place, great for added sunlight visibility and exposure when opened with a back mesh window.Features dual reinforced stitching for added durability.Comes with an included reversible plush inner cushion that extends to cover the full surface area.Completely collapses and folds.Available in multiple colors.Sizing dimensions: not expanded: 18.11l x 11.02w x 11.42h expanded: 18.11l x 29w x 11.42h

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