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Dog Helios 'torrential Shield' Waterproof Multi-adjustable Pet Dog Windbreaker Raincoat

Dog Helios 'torrential Shield' Waterproof Multi-adjustable Pet Dog Windbreaker Raincoat
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The dog helios 'torrential shield' waterproof multi-adjustable pet dog windbreaker raincoat is 100% waterproof and ultra-lightweight.This jacket is meant to withstand the harshest water and wind related conditions.The exterior shell is nano-stitched and specially engineered with complete breathability in mind.The exterior shell is also specially reflective stitched with added reflective taping around the hood and sides for added night visibility or emergency protection.This raincoat features adjustable and customizable stoppage jaw strings by the hood and across the waist for a perfectly customizable tailored fit while preventing water seepage from entering.Additionally this raincoat features specially engineered elastic banding all around the body and frontal sleeves for a more uniform and customizable fit that conforms to the body while offering expansion for added growth while preventing water from entering.Features a waterproof zipper below the belly for added water protection and convenient on and off access.The top features dual-waterproof leash slit zippers that prevent water from entering when connecting leash to collar or harness.Get outdoors with dog helios! available in multiple colors and sizes.Sizing specifications: in (inches) "back" length is from neck to tail: * see image chart for sizing approximation extra small: back: 8.3" chest: 17.7" neck: 12.2" small: back: 11.8" chest: 21.7" neck: 13.8" medium: back: 15" chest: 24.4" neck: 15.7" large: back: 18.9" chest: 29.9" neck: 16.9" extra large: back: 22.8" chest: 34.6" neck: 18.9"

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