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Pet Life 'cheetah Bonita' Cheetah Patterned Uv Protectant Adjustable Fashion Dog Hat Cap

Pet Life 'cheetah Bonita' Cheetah Patterned Uv Protectant Adjustable Fashion Dog Hat Cap
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The pet life 'cheetah bonita' cheetah patterned uv protectant adjustable fashion dog hat cap features a luxurious cocoa, black and light brown cheetah pattern.This dog hat features an adjustable jaw string below the neck line that properly adjusts and should lightly secure around the head accordingly.Additionally this hat features dual sided ear holes for premium comfort.The brim of the hat is meant to protect the head and damage to the sensitive eyes from direct sun view and from the suns powerful and harmful rays by assisting in shaded uv protection.Features a canvas exo-shell that is lightly reversed with breathable fleece that gently cuddles the head area with sided subtle embroidery with reinforced stitching all around for added durability.Machine washable and available in multiple sizes.Sizing measurements: in inches medium: inner hat diameter: 4.3" head circumference: 13.4" (small to medium sized breeds) large: inner hat diameter: 5.7" head circumference: 17.3" (medium to large sized breeds)

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