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100% Recyclable Bio-hybrid Thermoplastic And Polyethylene Carbon Reduced Eco-friendly Pet Waste Bags From Renewable Thermoplastic Starch - Dispenser And 2 Pack Of Rolls
-20 %
Model: doba_17029223
The 100% recyclable bio-hybrid thermoplastic and polyethylene carbon reduced eco-friendly pet waste bags are composed of a blend of renewable thermoplastic starch (tps) and polyethylene (pe).This blended resin grade is compatibilised to offer a high level of mechanical strength, outstanding elongati..
$23.79 $19.02
55 Grams Ultra Absorbent Charcoal Odor Eliminating Anti-skid And Anti-bacterial Diabetic Premium Dog Training Pads
-20 %
Model: doba_17029222
The patented pet life 55 gram ultra-absorbent 55 gram premium dog training pads feature a patented charcoal odor eliminating non-toxic fiber embedded within the quilt topper that immediately eliminates all types of liquid odors at the touch of a quilt.Our pads are completely non-toxic and anti-bacte..
$90.99 $72.78
Bone Shaped Plastic Pet Double Diner With Stainless Steel Bowls, Pink And Silver-set Of 2
-20 %
Model: doba_45411412
Let your pet enjoy a spill proof feeding with this bone shape double diner pet bowl.Made from a good quality pink plastic frame which holds two stainless steel bowls that can be used for food, water or a combination of both for your pet.It does not occupy much space and each bowl has a weight capaci..
$101.30 $81.04
Dog Helios Neo-indestructible Easy-tension Sporty Embroidered Thick Durable Pet Dog Leash And Collar
-20 %
Model: doba_19483421
The dog helios neo-indestructible easy-tension sporty leash and collar is composed of tough grade nylon and neoprene.Features dual reinforced stitching at every seam for added toughness and durability.Features a neoprene band for a semi-tough pull with ribbed stitching for added easy tension with a ..
$63.98 $51.18
Double Food And Water Travel Pet Bowl
-20 %
Model: doba_16084717
The double food and water travel pet bowl for dogs and owners on the go who want more than just functionality.Made with authentic seat belt material plus a double ply waterproof interior.It will last for years and look great every time you use it.It collapses to less than 1 inch thin, waterproof, an..
$23.98 $19.18
Fashionable And Trendy Dog Bowtie
-20 %
Model: doba_34157699
The pet life fashionable dog bowtie is completely adjustable to fit all dog neck girth circumferences.Great for all family or dressy attire functions. ..
$20.78 $16.62
Fashionable And Trendy Dog Neck Tie
-20 %
Model: doba_34157698
The pet life black and yellow fashionable dog neck tie is completely adjustable to fit all dog neck girth circumferences.Great for all family or dressy attire functions. ..
$31.98 $25.58
Helios Dog Chest Compression Pet Harness And Leash Combo
-20 %
Model: doba_17952054
The helios dog chest compression leash and harness combination is composed of a durable reflective 600 denier nylon and mesh outershell.This unique construction enables both the top and bottom portions of the harness to adjust according to the chest girth area of your pet.Features durable buckles wi..
$68.78 $55.00
Helios Freestyle 3-in-1 Explorer Convertible Backpack, Harness And Leash
-20 %
Model: doba_17952058
The helios dog freestyle 3-in-1 explorer convertible backpack, harness and leash is a backpack that doubles as a chest compression harness with an included leash.This only-of-its-kind 3-in-1 backpack, harness and leash features a backpack with a chest compressive harness that completely ejects from ..
$79.98 $63.98
Melamine Couture Sculpture Double Food And Water Dog Bowl
-20 %
Model: doba_34158077
The double food and water melamine couture sculpture dog bowl is composed of high composite indestructible melamine and built to last.This pet bowl is machine washable and features a unique sculpture-like designer mold.Fits the perfect amount of food and water ranging from small to larger dogs.Featu..
$26.59 $21.26
Nano-silver And Anti-bacterial Rectangular Dog Bed
-30 %
Model: doba_17029091
The nano-silver anti-bacterial pet bed is composed of anti-bacterial and nano-silver cotton fleece fibers.Great for both indoor and outdoor usages.Rubberized bottom backing is both skid-proof and waterproof.Features an accented removable dog cushion.Available in multiple sizes and colors.Sizing meas..
$55.49 $38.83
Pet Life  'checkerwag' Checkered Buttoned Mesh Reversible And Breathable Adjustable Dog Harness
-20 %
Model: doba_20199102
The pet life 'checkerwag' checkered buttoned mesh reversible and breathable adjustable dog harness features a micro-weaved exo-shell that is reversed with breathable and comfortable accented micro-mesh for premium comfort that gently hugs the body.The harness features beautifully checkered b..
$43.18 $34.55
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