Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Let Us Count The Cost

If you are wondering is pet insurance worth it, let’s take a minute and consider what pet insurance is.

Pet insurance allows you, the pet parent, to have peace of mind when routine vet visits are needed as well as if there is an emergency. Veterinary Answers puts it this way:

More and more pet owners are becoming aware of the benefits of having a pet insurance plan. Insurance plans can be a life-saver, literally, as some owners often put their pets to sleep on account of high veterinary bills. The question that most non-insured pet owners face is whether or not insurance plans are worth it, and whether or not they will truly protect your pet. It is perfectly fine to go without pet health insurance if you have enough of an emergency fund set aside to cover medical bills for your pet. For many owners who do not think about potential accidents and emergencies, however, a pet insurance plan can truly benefit their wallet and their pet, especially with the continued rise of many vet costs.

is pet insurance worth it

Normally you can use your pet insurance where ever you take your pet to be seen by a veterinarian. Most visits are covered however preexisting conditions might be excluded as well as elective procedures,  conditions that exist because of birth defects, grooming and food.

Pet insurance covers a wide variety of illnesses, injuries and accidents; you can often get coverage for routine check ups too.

The plan  you choose will explain exactly what your policy covers so there is no guess work.

A couple things you should look for when acquiring health coverage for your pet:

  • Can  your pet be dropped from the policy because of age?
  • Will your premiums increase if you use the policy?
  • Once you enroll how long will you have to wait to use the pet insurance?
  • How do you file a claim?

Once you have these questions answered satisfactorily, the next point is cost.

Is it affordable? This really gets back to the initial question, is pet insurance worth it. If you have a pet that you treasure; it is part of the family and that pet suffers from illness, gets poisoned or even runs into another critter out there, like my dog Marley, you are going to be glad you have insurance.

is pet insurance worth itYou should have seen how many of those porcupine quills were down his throat! Of course when an emergency strikes it is never at a convenient time. This adventure happened at 6:00pm when the vet was getting ready to go home to his family. As you can imagine the cost to have all of the quills removed, one at a time, was pretty steep.

Things that affect the cost of pet insurance are what you want covered and how old the pet is when you first get the plan. It is a good idea to start pet insurance coverage while your pet is young. Many plans start under $20 a month. Getting routine care for your animals minimizes the chances of having more expensive health issues to deal with when they are older.



Paying a little each month or year to know that if something big happens could mean the difference between having to loose your family pet because you couldn’t afford to get the treatment they need or deserve and being able to go to the vet with confidence that you can do everything necessary to ensure the health and comfort of your beloved pet. When is the best time to get pet insurance? Now of course….

is pet insurance worth it





Jill is a dedicated pampered puppy lover! Having had dogs her whole life she appreciates what great companions they are. She believes that dogs are proof there is a God and He loves us.