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Pet Life Luxe 'pom Draper' 2-in-1 Mesh Reversed Adjustable Dog Harness-leash W/ Pom-pom Bowtie

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Pet Life Luxe 'pom Draper' 2-in-1 Mesh Reversed Adjustable Dog Harness-leash W/ Pom-pom Bowtie
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The pet life luxe 'pom draper' 2-in-1 mesh reversed adjustable dog harness-leash w/ pom-pom bowtie features a denim-like cotton exterior and reversed with breathable accented micro-mesh on both the coordinated harness and leash handle for premium comfort.The harness features a well-coordinated decked out ensemble white pom-pom bowtie that sits above a navy blue denim body with matching faux-fur lining across the edges for added appeal and comfort.The back of the harness is completely adjustable with dual stainless steel hooks that connect to the swivel hook on the leash for multi-directional pull.The pom-draper harness was specially engineered to limit stress around the stomach by placing light stress around the sternum for proper comfort.Features reinforced stitching for durability.Available in multiple sizes.Sizing measurements: (inches) extra small harness: length: 6", chest girth: 11 - 15" leash length: 41" small harness: length: 7.3" chest girth: 12 - 16.5" leash length: 41" medium harness: length: 7.8" chest girth: 15 - 19" leash length: 39" large harness: length: 9" chest girth: 17.8 - 21.6" leash length: 39"

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