dog anxiety over fireworks and thunder

Simple Natural Way To Calm Dog Anxiety Over Fireworks And Thunder

Dog anxiety over fireworks and thunder is just part of life in Southern Idaho during July. Because ’round here people not only celebrate the 4th but also Pioneer Day. This leads to lots of fireworks and lots of dog anxiety because of the fireworks. At least in my house.

It’s bad enough that July is a terrifying month for my poor dogs, but then comes September and football games. The high school down the street likes to shoot off fireworks for touchdowns. And they are pretty good – so lots of fireworks.

Simple natural way to calm dog anxiety over fireworks

Polling Facebook For Dog Anxiety over Fireworks and Thunder Remedies

Like any normal American with dog anxiety issues, I headed over to Facebook to poll my friends about what they found works. And like good friends they offered a variety of solutions. Some, like Benedryl I wasn’t real keen on. I don’t take Benedryl myself as I’m not real keen on chemicals like those. But I do take Valerian Root.

Since I had decided to poll Facebook the day of the 4th after suffering with poor Katie the night before, I needed something I could pick up quick. We live in the country, and it was also Sunday. So I needed something I had on hand. I was afraid Katie was going to have a heart attack she was shaking and panting and I could see her heart beating! (A million miles a minute)

The Dog Anxiety Solution I Chose

Since I had Valerian Root in the cabinet, I decided to open a capsule and sprinkle a small amount on Katie and Pudge’s food. I split the capsule between the two dogs, giving Katie the lion’s share. I fed them around 6 and hoped that it would still be working around 10:30 when the fireworks would be going off full force.

To my surprise and delight, Katie was remarkably calm through the worst of it even though it was a good four and half hours later. Pudge curled up in a corner and fell fast asleep.

Going Forward

I did find an even better way to calm dog anxiety over fireworks and thunder that I’ve got on order and will review once I’ve had a chance to try it out. There is still a lot of month to go. And lots of fireworks left to blow off. In the meantime, at least now, I’ve got a natural remedy for my dog anxiety over fireworks and thunder that I can use until the other product arrives.

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