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Spectacular Dog Training Can You Do This?

Saw this over on Facebook the other day and just had to comment on it here. Spectacular dog training right?

Pretty sure my dogs, Katie and Pudge could not be trained to do this. For one thing way are WAY to fat.

Here’s another one of this dog’s antics.

So after watching these you might be wondering, well how can I get my dog to do that? Cause that’s what I was wondering. Here is a video from the Kennel Club about agility training and obstacle courses dog training.

Dog Training Getting Started With Agility

The trainer talks about the different agility tests that are on the obstacle course. Next is a video that shares how to actually teach them how to do these tricks.

Okay, not sure about you all, but I’m thinking even though my dogs are way out of shape – don’t they say masters and dogs kind of look alike – I’m going to try some of this agility training on them. Though they may never reach the point where that first dog is, I think it might be good for both of them to run around with an agenda in the backyard.

While it looks from the video on the sales page like this is for small dogs, the reviews say that it works for a 90 pound rotti. Katie, isn’t 90 pounds yet (I hope). Lots of very positive reviews for this agility equipment. Though my other thought is that it might be kind of flimsy, Anna said it was sturdy. The one down side to this particular dog training equipment piece is that it is only useful outdoors as the poles need to be staked down. Since I have a small house but a big yard, I’m thinking this isn’t going to be a problem for me.

Maybe by next year, I’ll be able to post videos of my dogs running through the agility equipment.

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