Sportdog Field Trainer Dog Training Collar 425X review

A SportDog Field Trainer Dog Training Collar 425X Review

The SportDog Field Trainer dog training collar 425X produces results fast! My son purchased this last year to get control of his Malamute.  In this review I’ll be sharing my experience with these collars and my grand dogs, Kronk and Hades – a Malamute and a Husky – who were WAY out of control. Most Huskies and Malamutes are very stubborn when it come to training. After a few days with this training device; they come when called and stay in the yard that has a big hole in the fence. We like to call it their “hearing” aid. Cause let me tell you, when they have these collars on – they listen.

Sportdog Field Trainer dog training collar 425X your huskies hearing aid.
such a true statement I just had to include it here

It only took a couple high level shocks to get these hard headed dogs to obey just seeing the remote. One doesn’t even have to use it on any level these day.

Though the idea of “shocking” a well loved dog may seem cruel, having an obedient dog is well worth the guilt. Dogs are intelligent. If they know what’s coming they will conform to keep that from happening.

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Discover the training collar Kronk prefers to be trained with. The Sportdog field trainer dog training collar 425X reviewed by actual dog owners.

What’s In The SportDog Field Trainer Dog Training Collar 425X Box

Included are a collar, a transmitter, a charger with split cord for charging both items simultaneously, and directions on how to use the device. All very well packaged. It might be a little challenging removing the plastic. Just be forewarned so as to not cut something you might regret later.

Recharging The 425X Transmitter & Collar Set

The hand device holds a charge for about 50 hours and takes about 2 hours to charge. As it comes with a split charger to the lithium ion battery, both the receiver and the collar can be changed at the same time. There is also a low level light that lets you know when you need to recharge the training collars and receiver. 

About the SportDog 425X Transmitter

We like that you can have 1 receiver but up to 3 collars. Though they have only two dogs (and collars) it is handy to only have to keep track of one remote for both dogs. Because Kronk is a Malamute with super long and thick fur my son opted for the extra long prongs and shaved a spot on Kronk’s neck down so that they could make good contact with his skin. Hades didn’t need the extra care or the longer prongs as his fur is short.

What Does SportDog Mean by Waterproof

The collars are made of drytek technology, and are waterproof to 25 feet. Not only are the collars waterproof but also the transmitter is waterproof. This is pretty handy if you are training your dog to fetch around water and accidentally drop the transmitter in the lake. 

Range – How Far The Dog Training Collar Works

The remote works really well up to a 500 yard range (imagine five football fields). This is super handy if for some reason they have temporarily lost their minds and try to run off. Grabbing the remote and getting out to them to shock them to get their attention can be accomplished (at least for us) before they get out of range.

For sport people this feature allows for long distance training for retrieving or hunting. After all that is what these dog training collars were designed for. The weather won’t interfere with  your training either as these transmitters and collars are designed to be all weather training tools.

Training Modes Available With Transmitter

The SportDog Field Trainer Dog Training Collar 425X (old version) offers 7 levels of training with tone, buzz, jolt options. The newer X version offers 21 levels of static stimulation and can only have 2 options per button. This might seem like an issue at first but does allow for more options delivered quickly. Especially useful if you have more than one dog collar on the transmitter. Basically you get 7 training options per collar or 10 for two or 21 for 1 collar. We’ve found we only need one with Kronk and Hades (who is far from the devil dog the name implies) as they now just need to see the remote to get a proper response.

SportDog Customer Service

Though I do not personally have experience with SportDOG’s customer service, they seem to respond to issues that creep up with their products promptly and without a bunch of hassle. Which leads me to wonder if those who left less than positive reviews contacted the company first. In my experience electronics are often touchy. It isn’t surprising that sometimes they just don’t work right. Knowing that you can contact them and get replacements quickly makes me feel more confident about making an electronics purchase like this.

Dimensions Of The Collars

The collars are pretty wide at 3.2 inches. They offer a good surface area for contact of the prongs. Therefore they are probably best suited for larger dogs, maybe over 20 pounds, though the manufacturer says Neck sizes from 5” to 22” and 8 pounds is the smallest size dog these fit. But seriously, how many 8 pound sports dogs do you know? Dimensions per the manufacturer are 3.2 x 6.9 x 9.4 inches; 1.2 Pounds.

Accessories For The SportDog Field Trainer Dog Training Collar 425X Series

  • collars
  • training cord (30 feet)
  • locator beacon ( could be handy if hunting in dark conditions or for camping)
  • no bark collar
  • plastic training decoy
  • and whistle 

are all add on options for the SportDOG 425X dog training collar.

Pros Of The Sportdog Field Trainer 425X

These training collars work well and fast. Because (mainly) Kronk was so prey chase driven and prone to escape to find something to chase n kill my son needed a training device that would be fast and effective. This collar did not disappoint. After being zapped a couple times, as once is never enough with Kronk, he got the message. He has gone from being an unruly terror to a wonderful loving dog who is a joy to be around. 

Cons of The Sportdog Field Trainer 425X

The collars are really designed for training larger sized dogs. And hunting dogs. I would not put this collar on a smaller sized dog as it is overkill in my world view. And if  you are starting training with puppies, you could probably get away with a much cheaper training collar. 

Consumer Rating For The SportDog Brand

This brand has been rated over 5,500 times and has an overall 4.5 star rating. Which is quite remarkable.

Price Considerations

The SportDOG field trainer dog trainer collar 425X is smack dab in the middle of the range of dog training collars.


I’ve personally purchased other dog training collars that are cheaper and tried to train Katie with one. She used to bolt when she was younger and not so fat. Probably operator error but I wasn’t impressed. 

However, the sportDOG 425X dog collar is nothing short of remarkable in my opinion. Having been party to chasing Kronk when he escaped I can tell you first hand this collar has made a HUGE difference in his “running” urges when he gets out. He comes when he’s called and he will stay with you when you walk with him off leash. Nothing short of astounding in my book.

Kronk and Hades give the Sportdog Field Trainer Dog Training Collar 425X 2 paws up as their approval of the device

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