Turkey Dog Toy Tuffy Jr. Talulah

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This is such a fun little toy for your pampered puppy! The Tuffy Jr Talulah Turkey Dog Toy is tough and durable and will stand up to hours of tug of war or fetch. This toy (and its friends the alligator and shark) make wonderful toys for dogs both large and small.


How to make sure your dog’s toys are safe – When Chosing a Tuffy Jr Talulah Turkey Dog Toy:

Many factors contribute to the safety or danger of a toy, and a number of them depend upon your dog’s size, activity level and preferences. Another factor to be considered is the environment in which your dog spends his time. Although we can’t guarantee the safety of any specific toy, we can offer the following guidelines.

The things that are usually most attractive to dogs are often the very things that are the most dangerous. Dog-proof your home by removing string, ribbon, rubber bands, children’s toys, pantyhose and anything else that could be swallowed.

Toys should be appropriate for your dog’s size. Balls and other toys that are too small can easily be swallowed or become lodged in your dog’s throat.

Avoid or alter any toys that aren’t “dog-proof” by removing ribbons, strings, eyes or other parts that could be chewed off and/or ingested. Discard toys that start to break into pieces or are torn.

Take note of any toy that contains a “squeaker” buried in its center. Your dog may feel that he must find and destroy the source of the squeaking, and he could ingest it. Supervise your dog’s play with squeaky toys.

Check labels for child safety. Look for stuffed toys that are labeled as safe for children under three years of age and that don’t contain any dangerous fillings. Problem fillings include nutshells and polystyrene beads, but even “safe” stuffings aren’t truly digestible. Remember that soft toys are not indestructible, but some are sturdier than others. Soft toys should be machine washable. [get more tips over at the Humane Society]

Choosing Safe Dog Toys


The Human Society gives us some good tips when it comes to choosing good toys for our beloved dogs. These turkey dog toy Tuffy Jr Talulah toys meet the high standards set by those that are in the know.


Jill is a dedicated pampered puppy lover! Having had dogs her whole life she appreciates what great companions they are. She believes that dogs are proof there is a God and He loves us.